privacy the true luxury

our customers love us

I really love this place. The studio is beautifully decorated with comfortable furniture and beautiful artwork and curios picked up during many years of heartful travel. There is a small yet excellent selection of books, magazines and DVDs. The views of the rainforest from both front and back decks are stunning. There is an excellent private wood-fired sauna, a lovely solar heated spa pool and a saltwater infinity pool. All of these facilities are for the exclusive use of the guest who rents the studio. But that is just the start of it ! The spa is gorgeous. The massages are extremely relaxing and therapeutic and the Uspa mud wrap is divine. The service is incredible. The owners of this business have a devotion to customer service that I have never send outside Asia. Everything you could possibly want is catered for. And in the most unobtrusive, quiet and humble way. The owners are very sensitive to the differing needs of their guests. If you want to meditate in silence and eat vegan food or fast then that will be catered for. If you need tips on local sights they are only too happy to oblige. I will run out if words soon but I have to tell you about the food. The fridge and cupboard was stocked with organic delicacies. You want to eat them all but you won't be able to fit them in because delightful owner Stefano (originally from Venice) cooks up delectable meals (mainly using ingredients picked from their own organic garden) and his beautiful and very stylish wife Gemma whips up the desserts. But there is yet more. This is not just a place to rest up and eat well. More than anything it's a place to be inspired by a couple who are truly dedicated to living in harmony with the environment. There are no toxic chemicals, everything is composted, and there is very little electromagnetic radiation other than a tiny bar fridge. It's simply beautiful. A haven that until last week I had only dreamed about. Between heaven and earth.